Additional Resources

As we are often overwhelmed with requests for help, please know that there are other resources available to you and your child within the West Michigan community.

Testing Resources:

DeVos Children’s Hospital–Pediatric Psychology Clinic–Phone # 616-365-8920–

BRAINS (Behavioral Resources and Institute for Neuropsychological Services)–Phone # 616-365-8920–

Psychological Consultation Center at Pine Rest Christian Mental Health Services–Phone # 1-866-852-4001–

Human Resources Associates–Phone # 616-458-0692–

Integrative Educational Partners, LLC–Phone #616-874-7490–


Tutoring Services (fee based):

SLD Center–Phone # 616-361-1182–

Turning Pages–Phone # 616-243-7323–

EnCourage Institute for Teaching and Learning–Phone # 616-530-2224

Bev Anderson (former Center director)–e-mail: